Hydraulic Power Pack

We design and fabricate Hydraulic Power pack on different criteria like;

  • Capacity 0.5hp to 300hp
  • Reservoir tank capacity
  • Reservoir tank made from mild steel or stainless steel
  • The selection of gear, vane or piston pump will depend upon performance or loaw cost solution
  • Electric motor type & power with safety margin
  • Maximum operating flow & pressure
  • Adequately Sized piping
  • Accessories- Optional Viz., Oil level switch, thermostat, air breather, bell housig, coupling, filters, immersion heater, cooler, drain ports, pressure test points, relief valve, isolation valve, filling point, etc.
  • Maintenance access,
  • Manifold/ Valve block
  • Weight & size of power pack

We Provide
  • Refurbishment of Power packs.
  • Commissioning of Power units.
  • Retrofitting & modification of complete system with today's easy available spares.
  • Solution to your equipment with compact design power packs.
  • Custom based projects, including design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning of hydraulic systems.
Hydraulic Power Pack