Hydraulic Cylinder

We design and Manufacture & test Hydraulic Oil Cylinders on different criteria like;

Types Of Cylinders
  • Single-acting Cylinder
  • Double-acting Cylinder
  • Spring return Cylinder
  • Tandem Cylinder

  • Tie rod mount
  • Side and lug mounts
  • Solid flange mount
  • Flange mount
  • Pin and trunnion mount
  • Key mount
  • Double rod end cylinders

  • Viton seal
  • Buna n seal
  • Polyurethane seal
  • Ethylene propylene

Operating Duty
  • Heavy duty cylincer
  • Light duty cylinder

  • Bore :25mm to 500mm
  • Stroke lenght:10mm to 3000mm
  • Pressure : up to 500 bar
  • Operating frequency
  • Applications: - Temperature, Condition of dust, vibration etc

We Provide
  • Complete inspection and analysis of all components using experienced hydraulic experts
  • Routine replacement of seals using latest seal technology
  • Overhaul, retrofit and repair to original specifications or upgrades.
  • Planned maintenance agreements throughout the operational life cycle of a cylinder
  • Review of all cylinders on your equipment
  • Identify potential problem areas before they become costly
Hydraulic Cylinder