Hydraulic Oil Filtration Trolley

Oil Filter trolleys are the best way of transferring fluid from barrels and cleaning fluid in reservoirs, line flushing, hose cleaning, flushing during equipment commissioning. Fluid should always be pre-filtered in any system, even oil from a new barrel. A filter trolley is a vital part of any contamination control process, ensuring clean oil is transferred into the reservoir.

Custom based filtration trolley as per customer applications with different selection

  • Filtration capacity : 3 micron to 50 micron
  • Oil Viscosity : ISO VG 100 cst to 320 cst
  • Stage Filtration
  • Electrical drive units
  • Pump flow Rate

Features & Benefits
  • Flexible design which allows customization
  • A wide range of flow capabilities
  • Lower installation & maintenance cost
  • Heavy Duty trolley design
  • Quick and & Inexpensive changes can be made to increase the flow and change the filtration
  • Two spin on filter for high dirt holding capacity
  • Design allows for multiple micron filtration options
  • Available in both single & Three phase options
  • Electric control panel with inline Digital Particle Monitor (Optional)

Hydraulic Oil Filtration Trolley

Rental Machines of filtration Systems Available.